TM2313 Даташит — Audio Switch and Control IC — Titan Micro

Номер в каталоге : TM2313

функция : Digital audio processing control circuit

пакет : SOP 28



TM2313 образ


Описание :

TM2313 is a three-input four-channel digital output control audio processing chip, the chip using deep submicron CMOS Process technology, the chip contains an internal volume, bass, treble, channel equalization, pre / post-stage attenuation, loudness processing;  In a chip set of a plurality of selectable input gain, less peripheral circuit element, with better performance and reliability.
All functions programming via PC bus driver realized. TM2313 using SOP28 / DIP28 packages. Pin arrangement together Management, application circuit is simple, is very conducive to the layout of the circuit board and cost savings.

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TM2313 Даташит


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