F4558 Даташит — Dual Operational Amplifier — CHMC

Номер в каталоге : F4558

Function : Dual Operational Amplifier, DIP 8 Pin

Производитель : CHMC, Wuxi China Huajing Microelectonics

имидж :

F4558 Image


цоколевка :

F4558 Pinout F4558 Даташит

1. internal frequency compensation
2. DC voltage gain is high (about 100dB)
3. unity gain bandwidth (about 1MHz)
4. low input bias current
5. low input offset voltage and offset current
6. common mode input voltage range includes ground
7. differential-mode input voltage range, equal to the supply voltage range
8. large output voltage swing (0 to Vcc-1.5V)

Описание :

F4558 interior includes two independent, high gain, internally frequency Compensated dual operational amplifier suitable for a wide range of supply voltage single-supply enable Use, also applies to dual power mode, the recommended working conditions, supply Current and supply voltage has nothing to do. Its scope includes a sensing amplifier, DC Gain Blocks and all other use of the available single-supply operational amplifier occasion.

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