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Номер в каталоге : ATF22V10C-10PU

Function : High-performance EE PLD, 5V power supply

Производитель : Atmel Corporation

цоколевка :

ATF22V10C-10PU datasheet

Описание :

The Atmel ATF22V10C is a high-performance CMOS (electrically erasable)
grammable logic device (PLD) that utilizes proven electrically erasable Flash mem
technology from Atmel. Speeds down to 5ns and power dissipation as low as 1
(typical) are offered. All speed ranges are specified over the full 5V ± 10% rang
military and industrial temperature ranges, and 5V ± 5% for commercial tempera

Several low-power options allow selection of the best solution for various type
power-limited applications. Each of these options significantly reduces total sys
power and enhances system reliability.

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