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Номер в каталоге : AD8129

Function : Low Cost 270 MHz Differential Receiver Amplifiers

Производитель : Analog Devices

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AD8129 datasheet

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The AD8129/AD8130 are designed as receivers for the transmission of high speed signals over twisted-pair cables to work with the AD8131or AD8132drivers. Either can be used for analog or digital video signals and for high speed data transmission.

The AD8129/AD8130 are differential-to-single-ended amplifiers with extremely high CMRR at high frequency. Therefore, they can also be effectively used as high speed instrumentation amps or for converting differential signals to single-ended signals. The AD8129 is a low noise, high gain (10 or greater) version intended for applications over very long cables, where signal attenuation is significant.

The AD8130 is stable at a gain of 1 and can be used for applications where lower gains are required. Both have user-adjustable gain to help compensate for losses in the transmission line. The gain is set by the ratio of two resistor values. The AD8129/AD8130 have very high input impedance on both inputs, regardless of the gain setting.

* High speed
AD8130: 270 MHz, 1090 V/μs @ G = +1
AD8129: 200 MHz, 1060 V/μs @ G = +10
* High CMRR
94 dB min, dc to 100 kHz
80 dB min @ 2 MHz
70 dB @ 10 MHz
* High input impedance: 1 MΩ differential
* Input common-mode range ±10.5 V
* Low noise
AD8130: 12.5 nV/√Hz
AD8129: 4.5 nV/√Hz
* Low distortion, 1 V p-p @ 5 MHz
AD8130, −79 dBc worst harmonic @ 5 MHz
AD8129, −74 dBc worst harmonic @ 5 MHz
* User-adjustable gain
* No external components for G = +1
* Power supply range +4.5 V to ±12.6 V
* Power-down

* High speed differential line receivers
* Differential-to-single-ended converters
* High speed instrumentation amps
* Level shifting

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